Coming off the bench for Jesus


I talk about my work as Outreach Coordinator a lot. There are certain phrases that I repeat nearly every conversation in an attempt to paint a decent picture of just what it is we do out there. But I love it when I am sitting down with one of the men we work with and he describes my work to me better than I have ever been able to do.

Recently while I was working in the Ministry Center, Mark and I were chatting in the office about his upcoming decision to move to Arkansas or to stay here in Chicago. Mark likes to talk, and he is constantly piping up as the devil’s advocate in anyone else’s conversation. On one of his trademark joyfully pessimistic tangents, he started telling me that nobody knows the guy coming in off the bench for Michael Jordan. Jordan gets all the credit, and the other guy just gets paid to be ready.

Suddenly turning serious Mark looked at me and exclaimed, “That’s just like you guys. Jesus is the star, and he gets all the credit… as he should. He does all the work. But you guys are just there to be ready. As soon as someone has a bad day, maybe they are suicidal or something, you are right there to encourage them and tell them they can do it. They can make it.”

How true for all of us! Jesus is the star of the show. He does it all and doesn’t really need any of us. His work will be done regardless of how many times I fall short. We are just here to be ready to love at any moment.

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