Finding the instruction sheet


“It’s like trying to put something together without the instructions.”

A new bookcase, a knitting craft, even a Lego set—we all experience the frustration and confusion of trying to assemble something with poor or faulty instructions. But imagine how much worse off we would be in such situations with no instructions at all.

Kyle knows how that feels, but he wasn’t actually talking to me about assembling a piece of furniture. He was talking about life.

Kyle grew up without a father. As he’s grown older, facing all the trials of life without a father to teach him right from wrong has felt a little like being given a random jumble of planks and screws without an instruction sheet. There are a lot of things that have made Kyle’s life hard, but missing the presence of a father has been one of the most difficult.

Where can you get a set of life instructions for someone who’s been born without them? What can you say to encourage someone who’s felt such a loss for over forty years?

No person can fill Kyle’s emptiness, but fortunately he’s found better than that. Recently he’s been introduced to a heavenly Father who has always been there for him, and who can show him the instruction he’s been craving. His heavenly Father will never abandon him or stop loving him.

Our heavenly Father is often the only one that can bring hope to those feeling hopeless and lost, but he is always more than enough. Even if it takes forty years, he waits ready with his instructions to teach his children how to assemble their way through life.

Kyle will still face many ups and downs, but he no longer has to do so without a guide to show him the way.

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  1. What great hope and encouragement Libby!

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