“Please bless someone else instead”

Last Christmas, I didn’t have anything to give my daughter, and it meant a lot to receive those gifts. But this year, I have a job! I can buy my daughter Christmas gifts. So I want the church to bless another man’s family instead. —“Ryan”


Last December, one of our partner churches reached out to provide Christmas gifts for Ryan’s 5-year-old daughter “Teresa.” We were all utterly amazed at these church members’ generosity as they delivered a large pile of beautifully-wrapped presents to Ryan—toys, clothes, bedding, and more in his little girl’s favorite color.

Ryan loves his daughter immensely and has worked hard to become a good father to her. After decades on the streets addicted and prostituting, fatherhood didn’t come naturally to him. But through our Heavenly Father’s persistent love, demonstrated to him each time he encountered Emmaus staff and volunteers, Ryan gradually overcame his addictions and learned to make better choices for himself and his family.

Today as Monarch Thrift Shop’s first employee, Ryan takes great pride in his work sorting through donated goods and assisting customers. He also takes pride in being able to provide for his wife and daughter. So when he was asked by the same church if they could provide gifts for Teresa again this year, he declined … and asked that they bless someone else instead.

The prayers and gifts of Emmaus’s supporters have made a difference not only in Ryan’s life, but Teresa’s — not because of a pile of Christmas presents, but because her father loves and cares for her. Thank you for demonstrating the persistent love of our Heavenly Father through your prayers and gifts to Emmaus!

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