Last year I joined the Emmaus staff as Operations Director. In the months since, I’ve discovered that this position is not a “job,” it’s a calling. It’s a pull from the Divine to join in nurturing fellowship with the men we serve and with my colleagues.

Since coming to Emmaus, I have really come to understand the power of words. I have learned to appreciate the tone and choice of words from one human heart to another, whether between staff and the men we serve, or between one staff member and another.

Words have power. The universe was created with a word from God. In Genesis 1:3, “God said, ‘Let there be light;’ and there was light. God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.”

The men we serve share the impact words have had on them: words that were intended to break them down; words that were intended to hurt them; words to remind them of where their place is in the world.

Words undoubtedly carry immeasurable significance! They can either uplift a spirit or shred it into pieces. When I hear of someone falling back into drinking because they had an argument with a family member, how can anyone doubt the impact of words?

Words really do matter. We at Emmaus are here to build up spirits and break the bondage that hurtful words have had on these men. We use words to pray for and over the men we serve, our colleagues, volunteers, donors, partners, and neighbors. On a daily basis, I now stop and think how I can continue to use my words with intention and eloquence to demonstrate my love for the men we serve and my colleagues.

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