For Those Who Feel Broken


“Can I just tell you guys something?” the man at the Circle K asked gruffly. I braced myself for whatever might come next. It was 1 am, I was exhausted, and I wasn’t sure I had the energy for something emotionally or spiritually draining. “I just broke up with my girl and I’m mad about it, but I’m not sure I did the right thing,” he went on.

I breathed a sigh of relief. This conversation would be superficial, with this gentleman venting to my Outreach partner and me about his ex-girlfriend. As he talked, though, things quickly went deeper. He shared about his childhood and growing up as a pastor’s son. We talked about his spiritual life, prayer, and his views on Jesus. I felt like my brain was barely functioning well enough to keep me upright, but somehow I was finding words that seemed to resonate with this man. How was I able to speak into this man’s life when I felt more like the one who needed help and encouragement?

As I was preparing to wrap up our conversation, “Joey” and another man walked up to us and joined the conversation. We talked more about Jesus and what it means to receive grace and love others. After about twenty minutes, someone suggested that we pray together. I felt so honored to lead the prayer that night, after which we parted with handshakes and hugs.

As I drove home, completely spent, I reflected on my surprise at the events of the night. I had been sure that God would not use me for anything spiritual that night because I was not feeling present enough or strong enough to handle it. But even in my weakness, God chose to use me for his Kingdom’s work. He gave me strength and wisdom for the moment and orchestrated everything so that we could share his love with three people, and have a meaningful, spiritual conversation instead of a superficial one. I have been seeing more and more that God loves to use imperfect, tired, and weak people to show his strength.

So take heart! Even if you are a broken vessel, God can use you to pour out his love.

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