What an Honor


As I prepare to leave my full-time work at Emmaus, the thought that has been running through my mind continuously is what an honor it has been. To be a small part of the men’s lives—to be allowed in and trusted with supporting them in their journey—has expanded my heart and mind and allowed me to get to know some truly incredible individuals. Time after time I have seen the men that Emmaus serves do the “work” of Emmaus by encouraging, supporting, and loving each other and the staff.

This year I have gotten to work with several men closely through a grant project. As a team, we have worked to help increase people’s understanding of what life is like for men in Chicago involved in survival sex work and what problems they face. I’ve gotten to see Sean step up to co-lead the project, Bobby sit with a young man and encourage him for an hour, and Timothy start to imagine ways to solve the city’s problems. I’ve seen more and more that the men around us are incredible people, and I am so excited to see what they can accomplish in the future.

Though I won’t see them every day, God has been teaching me especially in the past year that the men I have come to know are all part of his family and part of his larger purpose. Even when we aren’t working and serving side by side, we are still working towards the same goals. This gives me much hope about where Emmaus is going in the future!

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