A Whisper from the Other Side of the World


The struggle is real. I sigh to myself and grit my teeth as I shuffle along the sidewalk on Outreach.

I’m buried in struggles right now. I’m wrestling with the dichotomy between God’s faithfulness and my lack thereof. I’m fighting weariness as I go through the routines of being part of Emmaus each day—I’ve been here long enough that some things are starting to feel old. And I’m trying to fend off the guilt I feel every time I think about how small my struggles are compared to the ones our men have: they face daily difficulties of finding a meal or a dry place to sit when it’s pouring down rain.

We all know that life isn’t easy, especially when you’re following Christ. But is it supposed to be this hard? Does everyone else struggle this much?

By the time I reach the 7-Eleven parking lot, my thoughts are swirling. God, why is it so hard for me to stay passionate? Why am I so quick to forget you? I’m tired of these struggles and I’m really tired of feeling so self-centered!

I’m in a tailspin when, out of nowhere, a feeling of contentment comes over me. It doesn’t make sense, but suddenly I feel like it’s okay to struggle. It’s okay to feel tired. I’ll work through the struggles, and they’ll produce fruit in time. Meanwhile, God is in it, with me.

It feels like a wall has been knocked down in my heart. I breathe a sigh of relief as this sudden peace floods through me, but I wonder…how did my thoughts switch gears so abruptly?

Then I remember. Earlier that day, I was Skyping with a friend who lives overseas. I had confided in her about my struggles, and she had promised to pray for me. I pull out my phone and check the time: it’s near 9:00 am where she lives, so she’s been awake for a couple of hours.

Lauren is praying for me! The thought flits through my mind, and a quick text message to her confirms it. Her prayers must be the reason for my sudden peace.

For the rest of the night, this peace stays with me, and I find myself wondering anew at the power of prayer. In the ears of God, a small whisper from the other side of the world is able to transform the chaos in my mind.

Yes. Our struggles are real. But so is the power of prayer.



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