Ministry Center

Ministry Center

A place of hope and healing

mc-peter-52-400Three days a week, the men, staff, and volunteers of Emmaus gather together in our Ministry Center for a meal; in this simple act, we encounter God’s love and welcome as he invites us all to his table.

A place of hospitality, prayer, discipleship, and recovery, the Ministry Center is a refuge and a place of new beginnings for the men we meet on the streets.


The Ministry Center provides meals, clothing, and fellowship. In a typical year we serve 150 to 300 men, for a total of over 3,000 meals! The Ministry Center is also a safe environment away from the temptations and mentality of the streets. The staff and volunteers become, for many of the men, a surrogate family that provides love and support, but also firm and dependable boundaries. For individuals who have been abused and neglected for much of their lives, these trustworthy relationships can be key to their healing. We also celebrate together! The Ministry Center is open on many holidays, with special meals and activities.


Our Ministry Center is a place where men and staff can pray and pursue an understanding of the work of the Lord in their lives. Regular group meetings and optional times of prayer provide opportunities to both share concerns and give testimony to how God has answered prayer.


The men can meet with Ministry Center staff members for one-on-one spiritual counseling and discipleship. We host group meetings two days a week, addressing a broad range of topics and providing a regular opportunity for meaningful conversation. We also recommend churches, encouraging the men to become part of a discipleship group or Bible study.


Our Ministry Center is a place where men receive support in finding new life away from the streets. We connect them with detox centers and recovery programs. We encourage and support them in taking care of their health. As addictions have damaged many of their relationships, we support their attempts to reconnect with family members and become responsible fathers.

mc-peter-40-400Emmaus provides many services, from tutoring the men in reading and budgeting to helping them obtain legal identification to coaching them through the responsibilities that come with having an apartment. Further, our staff members coordinate services between other entities (doctors’ offices, mental health agencies, social services, parole departments, etc.) that the men engage with, ensuring communication between them and advocating for the men’s best interests.

Amid all the activity, the men of Emmaus receive spiritual support and encouragement through informal conversations around the table or while hanging out in the Ministry Center. And our relationships extend far beyond the Ministry Center; whether men become incarcerated, return to the streets, or are hospitalized, we correspond with and visit them, remaining a consistent presence in their lives.

Our Mission

To provide Christ-centered support to men seeking to escape survival prostitution and embrace a life of health and wholeness.


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