Vision, Mission, Purpose, & Values

mc-peter-02-squareOur Vision…

…a world in which no man feels he must sell his body to survive.

Our Mission…

…to provide Christ-centered support to men seeking to escape survival prostitution and embrace a life of health and wholeness.

Our Purpose…

…to provide hope in Christ for men involved in survival prostitution by developing ministries of evangelization, transformation, and education.

  • Evangelization: Following Christ’s example by modeling His character and compassion on the streets (Outreach).
  • Transformation: Providing assistance and support during transition away from street life (Ministry Center).
  • Education: Building an awareness of the needs of men involved in prostitution and equipping the Body of Christ to respond.

Our Values

Faith in Jesus Christ. We as an organization affirm that Jesus Christ is Lord. We affirm that all who accept Christ as Lord and Savior are justified by grace through faith because of Him. We affirm that Christians are to teach and live in obedience to the divinely inspired Scriptures, which are the infallible Word of God.

Relationship as the basis for ministry. As Jesus walked with the disciples on the road to Emmaus, so we too walk with young men on the street. We listen to their stories attentively, share the Scriptures with them and build community with them, as Jesus did in the breaking of the bread.

Caring for those most wounded on the streets. Men involved in survival prostitution frequently attempt to utilize services in the homeless community. There are many in the mainstream homeless culture, however, who reject and abuse these young men because of their lifestyle. They truly are the ostracized among the overlooked.

Uniting the body of Christ in ministry. We are dedicated to bringing Protestants and Catholics together in a Christ-centered grassroots ministry of evangelism and service. “As Evangelicals and Catholics, we pray that our unity in the love of Christ will become ever more evident as a sign to the world of God’s reconciling power” (From the May 1994 statement, “Evangelicals & Catholics Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium”).


Our Mission

To provide Christ-centered support to men seeking to escape survival prostitution and embrace a life of health and wholeness.


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