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To realize our vision of a world in which no man feels he must sell his body to survive, we must connect the men we serve with the Body of Christ. Besides working directly with the men, we also raise awareness of the issue of male prostitution, and equip the Body of Christ to respond.

It begins with awareness.

Read the stories of some of the men Emmaus has come to know. Follow our blog, and check out our past newsletters. Delve into our founder John Green’s book, Streetwalking with Jesus.

You can bring Emmaus to your church, school, or other group by hosting Stories from the Streets, a performance of monologues, music, and stories that offers great insights into the lives of the men we serve.

Or you can come to us! We can host your group for a Site Visit, an hour-long tour of and presentation about Emmaus, or for an Immersion Night, an experiential learning opportunity that includes time on the streets (in a very safe neighborhood).

It continues with ministry.

You can assist the men and the ministry with your gifts and talents through various support volunteer opportunities, ranging from meal preparation to prayer to offering your professional skills pro bono.

If you are led to work directly with the men we serve, you may volunteer with us, either through night-time Outreach or in our Ministry Center. If you are interested in a full immersion into the work of Emmaus, you can intern with us, or join the Kaio Community for a year of voluntary service while living in a small Christian community.

(Direct ministry does require you to complete our Volunteer Training, which is offered several times a year.)


I love a mission and ministry where there is a focus on being the hands and feet of Christ and giving hope to the hopeless. Emmaus has a focus on the long, difficult walk with those who struggle, with the message that it will not give up on anyone, just as our Lord does not give up on any. It is an often unrecognized ministry to the broken and hurting men on the streets who have no advocate but perhaps the voice of Christ’s love from an Emmaus worker. It is that love and concern which can change lives. As it is written in the Scriptures, “The love of Christ compels us” (II Cor. 5:14).

– David Lacine, former board member and volunteer

Our Mission

To provide Christ-centered support to men seeking to escape survival prostitution and embrace a life of health and wholeness.


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