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On June 15, Chicago experienced one of its worst rain storms in years. The Ministry Center at our building on Wilson Avenue was overwhelmed with water, and the sewer backed up into it. The space was uninhabitable. As a result, we had to completely move out of that building on June 27, more than a month before we’d planned to do so.

The move went well, praise God. Naturally, the space is still somewhat in chaos, since the Ministry Center — including the kitchen and bathrooms — are still under construction. The plumbing needs work, showers and laundry facilities aren’t installed, and right now a row of refrigerators and freezers marks the space where the kitchen will be.

We now need $40,000 to finish work on the Ministry Center as quickly as possible. Please support us, if you are able, by sending us an emergency gift!

Our predicament is extremely frustrating because we planned responsibly and worked our plan well. We saved over $80,000 during construction by finding skilled tradesmen to volunteer their time. But we had no control over the rain. The good news is that we serve a mighty God. We firmly believe it is his will for Emmaus Ministries to thrive and grow. And so we’re trusting in the One who has brought us this far.

We have established a temporary Ministry Center space in a different part of the building, and we opened the doors to our men at the new building on July 1. Our ovens aren’t installed yet, so we’ve been barbecuing and bringing in cold summer dishes, and we set up tables among the boxes for men and staff to share meals and have fellowship. And, with the generosity of our supporters, we will finish construction on the Ministry Center as soon as possible—and be able to serve the men fully with showers, laundry facilities, a full kitchen, a computer lab, and all the rest of the things we have planned!

Please pray for us and our men in this process. We will do everything we can to make this go smoothly, but many of them feel unsafe when faced with sudden, major change. Pray for God’s peace and presence as we walk in faith in the midst of this major new challenge.

We’re Moving!

After almost 25 years of being in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, we have outgrown our building on Wilson Avenue.

troybldg1To serve our guys effectively and grow our programs, we need more space. After a three-year search, we have finally found the right fit: a 12,000 square foot facility on Chicago’s northwest side.

Thanks to the generous donations of many supporters, we purchased this building November 17, 2014, and began moving in April 2015!


What’s happening now?

In March, demolition begins on interior walls, followed closely by the build-out of offices and our new kitchen and Ministry Center. In April, our offices moved into the new building. In June, our Ministry Center will move.

We still need funds to make the build-out possible.
We are also in need of volunteers to help with demolition, build-out, and other aspects of setting up this space.
Additionally, we will need appliances for the new Ministry Center kitchen and other equipment.
Please contact emmaus@streets.org if you are able to assist with any of these needs. To give financially to this project, click here and choose the “Stretch Fund” fund under “Gift Information”.


Why are we moving?

Quite simply, the current location hampers our ability to serve our guys effectively and grow the ministry.

  • We have run out of space for our current activities. Some days, we can’t accommodate all of the guys who come down for meals. Storage space is almost nonexistent.
  • We have no room for expanded activities. We need a recreation room for our guys to unwind in, and an industrial kitchen to cook for large numbers properly. Program rooms for skill-building classes, GED preparation, and resume workshops are critical.
  • We have no long-term security. Our founder, John Green, sold the building in 2013. We don’t know what the new owners’ long-term plans for the building are. This year, they raised our rent. We can’t create plans for the future when we may have to move with just a few months’ notice.



The new building promises to address all of these concerns.
  • It has three times the combined space of our current office and Ministry Center, so Emmaus will have lots of room to grow.
  • Our monthly mortgage payment will be less than the total rent we currently pay.


This is an incredibly exciting time. We believe that God is leading Emmaus into deeper ministry with the men we serve.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer as we raised the funds for this building! Please continue to pray with us for a smooth transition to the new space for the men as well as the staff.

Our Mission

To provide Christ-centered support to men seeking to escape survival prostitution and embrace a life of health and wholeness.


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