Walking the streets, building relationships of trust

or-peter-36-square-400Emmaus Ministries is committed to helping men who are involved in survival prostitution leave the streets and enter into a life of faith in Jesus Christ.

Just as Jesus didn’t simply wait for people to come to him, we go out to meet these men where they are. Rain or shine, clear skies or blizzards, work days or holidays, we are out more consistently than the post office.

or-peter-06-400These men are at great physical and spiritual risk. Many will die too young from disease, substance abuse, or the hardships and violence of street life. This is why our Outreach teams—staff and volunteers—walk the streets every day, building relationships of trust and respect with men in prostitution. As these friendships grow, the Outreach teams begin helping men take the steps necessary to get off the streets.

Whether it’s offering prayer and support over a cup of coffee, providing transportation to get out of the cold, or referring an individual to a treatment center, we are available to men who are among the most overlooked and under-served on the streets.

Our Mission

To provide Christ-centered support to men seeking to escape survival prostitution and embrace a life of health and wholeness.

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